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Roxanne’s biggest and most popular FREE LIVE online workshop series that only happens two times a year! Get the manifestation practice that will get you results in 10 minutes a day. Create a crystal clear vision so you can make the impact you were born for. Shift limiting beliefs that you don't even realize are wired in your subconscious. Discover the science of manifestation and why your affirmations aren't working (+ the method that does).

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The SOUL Alignment Method™

The SOUL Alignment Method™ blends neuroscience and ancient wisdom to rewire your subconscious and manifest your most soul aligned life. Go beyond affirmations and start getting real results with the FREE guide to The SOUL Alignment Method™ that reveals the 4 step process to manifest whatever you want.

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Find & plug your energy leaks to ignite your journey to your most magnetic, manifesting self.

The Energy Leak Assessment will clearly identify where you are leaking your energy and blocking your manifestations. Start plugging your energy leaks so you can redirect your energy towards what you ACTUALLY want to manifest and experience.

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