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I’m handing over my Free Energy Leak Assessment so you can discover where you're leaking your energy and blocking your manifestations.

Why Are Energy Leaks Important?


  • Energy leaks manifest what we DON'T want (consciously and unconsciously).
  • Energy leaks drain your personal power. Your personal power is how you manifest.
  • When you plug your energy leaks, personal power is returned to you and you will manifest what you DO want with more ease.

The Energy Leak Assessment Will:


  • Clearly identify where you are leaking your energy and blocking your manifestations.
  • Redirect your energy towards what you ACTUALLY want to manifest and experience.

Start Plugging Your Energy Leaks Now!


Common Energy Leaks:


  • Spending too much time with negative people

  • Procrastinating or distracting yourself on social media

  • Messy or cluttered spaces that create stress or overwhelm 

  • Trying to control other people or situations 

  • Not caring for or nourishing your physical body

  • Toxic relationship habits like gossiping or drama cycles

About Roxanne Miranda

Manifestation & Rewiring Coach

You don’t need to “start” manifesting, because you’ve been manifesting since the day you were born. This work is about learning how to do it on purpose and with ease. I have helped hundreds of spiritual seekers discover my SOUL Alignment Method™ to become magnetic and empowered Conscious Creators that manifest what they want on autopilot.

The SOUL Alignment Method™ uses neuroscience and ancient wisdom to discover your soul purpose, uncover your limiting beliefs, rewire your subconscious, and manifest what you are truly meant for in just 10 minutes a day. My students are manifesting love, health, money, soul purpose, self worth, confidence, and more. They experience synchronicity and fulfillment not because they are “doing” anything, but because of who they are “being”. Don’t take my word for it, discover it for yourself and go manifest something epic! It’s your birthright.

Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Expert