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Rewire your subconscious using neuroscience and ancient wisdom to manifest your most soul aligned life.

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I've lost 12 pounds, manifested this house, got a promotion at work...

“I really did want to take care of myself and to look good and to be fit, but somewhere I had learned that I wasn't good enough, I couldn't follow through, or I wasn't worthy. I reprogramed my subconscious for the version of myself that was more self confident and I've lost 12 pounds almost easily because I feel like I deserve it now. Not just that, I got a promotion at work, and I manifested this house in the craziest market of all time! I'm so excited and so thankful to my soul family and to Roxanne!”

- Laura Kurtz, Marketing Professional

I manifested a waitlist of clients!

“I have been manifesting pretty much everything that I want (including a waitlist of clients). I am thriving in a way that I never thought was possible. It's crazy to think that just 12 weeks ago I was really holding myself back from so much. I was not allowing myself to show up in the full capacity of my brilliance. This experience has been one of the favorites of my life.”

- Cassandra Lee, Entrepreneur

I've seen countless coaches and I've never had these breakthroughs...

“I’ve seen countless psychotherapists, counselors, coaches and I've never had the breakthroughs I've had in Manifest & Thrive. Roxanne is the first coach who has ever gotten me this far. I find it amazing that something so simple can have such a huge impact! It's literally life changing for me to be able to regulate my emotions and make sense of them. Now I 'Do the thing'!”

- Lainey Wykes, Entrepreneur

I manifested my soul partner, a new job, I am manifesting all the time!

“I was looking for my soul partner and a fabulous career. I quickly realized that self love was where I needed to start! Now I have manifested my soul partner and a new job, which is paying me about double! I’m manifesting all the time. I've never experienced anything like this! I didn't think I had the money at the beginning, now money just appears in my account because I manifest it.”

- Janice Bourbon, Educator

About Roxanne Miranda

Manifestation & Rewiring Coach

You don’t need to “start” manifesting, because you’ve been manifesting since the day you were born. This work is about learning how to do it on purpose and with ease. I have helped hundreds of spiritual seekers discover my SOUL Alignment Method™ to become magnetic and empowered Conscious Creators that manifest what they want on autopilot.

The SOUL Alignment Method™ uses neuroscience and ancient wisdom to discover your soul purpose, uncover your limiting beliefs, rewire your subconscious, and manifest what you are truly meant for in just 10 minutes a day. My students are manifesting love, health, money, soul purpose, self worth, confidence, and more. They experience synchronicity and fulfillment not because they are “doing” anything, but because of who they are “being”. Don’t take my word for it, discover it for yourself and go manifest something epic! It’s your birthright.

Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Expert

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