A Missing Ingredient to The Law of Attraction

An important missing ingredient for the law of attraction to work. This may be the reason things are not coming into fruition for you.

It is so important to ask the question... How will my vision effect the greater good, the universal whole?

Sometimes we get so absorbed in our own individual vision. No judgement here! It’s a natural survival instinct.

But recognizing that your vision is about so much more than yourself is huge! Why?

Because we are an interconnected piece of the universal whole. Literally! Our bodies are made up of atoms and atoms are made up of energy. The same energy that makes up everything else. We are not separate and everything we do effects our surroundings.

The law of growth says that everything is in constant change and continually growing. Think of everything in nature...it continually grows and we are no different. The universe naturally wants to support this growth.

If our vision supports this growth then the universe supports us. And by bringing awareness of our interconnected nature into our consciousness and into our visioning process, we will reap the benefits x100000.

We come into alignment with our innate nature, the energy of the universal whole, and and begin to recognize how our actions effect our surroundings, how our vision effects the universal whole, the extension of ourselves. The law of growth supports us and begins to act on our behalf. We become like magnets, attracting all the goodness we dreamed of. We are in alignment with the universal whole, our truest self.

Don’t take my word for it. It’s more fun to try it on for yourself and discover what YOU can create✨🌕 Take 10 minutes to sit quietly and let yourself dream big. Feel as if all your dreams have come true and notice how this effects everything around you. Your closest friends, your consumer choices and the companies you support, your community, the world. You are a ripple of goodness 🌼

Roxanne Miranda